About CodingNomads


We want to make your life better by teaching you to code.

CodingNomads was founded upon the premise that coding can change your life, because it changed ours. We’re a team of inspired developers, teachers, and digital nomads who love to travel, love to do good work, and love the freedom coding gives us to do both at the same time.

Our instructors have more than a decade of software engineering and training experience in Silicon Valley and internationally. Working with countless self-taught developers over the years showed us that you don’t need a computer science degree to succeed – you’ve just got to prove it through your work. Also avid digital nomads, we’ve visited more than 30 countries while traveling, living and working remotely. Inspired by the countless travelers and locals we’ve met who long for skills to work from anywhere, we saw an opportunity to help people learn to code, and have fun while doing it.

Through hosting international coding bootcamps, CodingNomads combines our software expertise, our love for travel, and our passion for helping people of all backgrounds improve their skills to improve their lives. We teach practical software development skills that are in growing demand worldwide to help you pursue a solid career, anywhere you want. We’re not saying you have to work from a hut on the beach or a cabin in the mountains. We’re just saying that you can.

We're not just another coding bootcamp

Affordable + accessible

It may sound crazy that hosting bootcamps abroad can increase access for students, but it can. Working from the road curbs our overhead so we can offer competitive tuition, inclusive experiences, and scholarships. We operate in cities with affordable costs of living so everyone saves. International bootcamps also bring technical skills training to underserved communities, lowering the barriers to entry for locals. Check out our scholarships.

Destination education

International travel makes us more adaptable and well-rounded by exposing us to different cultures, people, experiences, and on. Attending coding bootcamps abroad helps you get the most out of your investment by learning solid professional skills while gaining invaluable life experience. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or just wanting to take a sweet trip — CodingNomads helps you boost your career, and grab life by the horns.

Stand out with backend skills

The industry is flooding with web-development bootcamp grads. CodingNomads gives our graduates an edge by teaching server-side Java application development. Java/Adroid & Python are the most common and in-demand programming languages worldwide. Whether you want a job in your hometown or the freedom to work from anywhere with decent wifi, we’ll teach you technical and business skills to help achieve your goals.

Our Team

Ryan Desmond
Co-Founder & Lead Instructor

For me it all started in a hammock, in Costa Rica, about 15 years ago. In typical backpacker fashion, I was strapped for cash and daydreaming of how I could make money from the road. I knew if I learned to code, I could work from anywhere.


I left Costa Rica and put in the work for a computer science degree. Upon landing my first job about 10 years ago, I quickly realized I had almost zero practical knowledge of how to deliver as a software developer in a startup environment. I worked long hours and learned many things the hard way, but it was all worth it. I’m lucky to have these skills. Through CodingNomads, I'm able to teach the real-world tasks of a software engineer that aren't taught in university, fast-tracking our students' abilities to learn critical skills that land jobs.


I’ve been able to work with incredible companies on incredible projects, and do so remotely from anywhere on earth. I’ve also led training courses, meetups and seminars on Java software engineering. I’ve taught topics ranging from how to build basic applications, to distributed fraud detection algorithms for major US financial institutions. In my training career I realized how much I enjoy helping other people learn software engineering. Even when the coursework got dense, we’d figure out ways to make it fun. I’ve also seen first-hand the economic mobility and geographic flexibility afforded by these skills, which makes me all the more passionate about sharing them with as many people as possible.

Ryan Desmond on LinkedIn

Kim Desmond
Co-Founder & BizDev

I got my first taste of solo, international travel when I was 20, and was immediately hooked to the adventure, freedom, and excitement of living in other cultures. After university I moved to Buenos Aires, then to San Francisco, and have traveled to more than 25 countries.


For the last 10 years I've worked in marketing, business strategy, product development and corporate social responsibility. Over the years, I built a burgeoning business’ marketing department from the ground up, fueling a 200% average year-over-year revenue growth. I planned and hosted dozens of training events and seminars. I've been a founding member of several start-ups, collaborating with design and development teams to build brands and products from scratch. I've also worked as a professional international tour guide.


CodingNomads combines my business development and marketing skills with my passion for travel and social upliftment to provide life-changing skills and experiences abroad. As the “group mom,” and resident yoga teacher, I’m also on the ground during our international coding bootcamps to make sure our students are comfortable, happy, and productive.

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Martin Breuss

Ever since studying abroad in New Zealand when I was 17, I wanted to pursue a career where I could travel. I believe that one of the most universally applicable and future-oriented skills that allows you to work from anywhere is computer programming. So after completing my university Biology degree in my home country of Austria, I began to self-study Python programming. Tapping into the versatility of Python, I co-founded two startups and worked on a wide range of projects—including natural language processing, web scraping, creating scripts to automate workflows, and building fun side projects on the web.


Coming from a family of teachers, I’ve always enjoyed helping others learn. I transitioned into teaching Python, and spent more than 3 years working for Udacity as one of the company’s first code reviewers and classroom mentors. High-quality feedback is a topic near to my heart, because I consider it essential for learning and improving. In addition to my classroom work, I dedicated myself at Udacity to continuously improving feedback quality for students and fellow mentors.


Teaching Python programming with CodingNomads gives me the chance to help others discover the thrill of exploring new countries and learning new topics both at the same time. I am excited to be by our students’ side to guide them through the ups and downs of this journey.


Roi Otera Morales

My passion for computers started when I was a kid, and my family got our first computer. I always wondered how it worked inside - what was the magic behind it? Since then I’ve had a lot of fun discovering that magic in computer programs and video games. Turning my hobby into a career, I obtained a university degree in Computer Engineering and Programming.


I began my studies in my home country of Spain, and finished my degree with Erasmus in Poland. I worked in Poland for 3 years as a software engineer, also continuing to travel around Europe visiting friends and discovering countries. I discovered then how travelling improves everyone’s lives: getting to know new cultures, ways of living, landscapes, and experiences that make you grow as a person.


Over the last 5 years I have grown into a senior software engineer specializing in Java, Microservices, Spring, Kafka, and numerous other technologies. I’ve worked across a variety of sectors, including for multinational tech companies like Motorola, Infojobs and Schibsted Media Group. I’ve personally witnessed the huge potential of learning software development skills, and am excited to share my skills and experience with CodingNomads students. In addition to reveling in the magic of computers, I enjoy scuba diving, skiing, motorbikes, martial arts, music, and of course some drinks and dancing!


Caden MacKenzie

Combining my university degree in Computer Science and Biochemistry with my desire to see the world, working with CodingNomads is a dream job for me. My exposure to a variety of programming languages including Python, Java, SQL, and JavaScript enables me to help CodingNomads students learn and solidify concepts throughout the course. I am personally driven to encourage and excite aspiring software engineers, giving students the motivation and support they need to hack through problems, find solutions, and achieve breakthroughs.


During university, I worked as full stack developer to build a web and mobile fitness application for varsity collegiate sports teams. I also worked as a database management intern at the University of Colorado Medical Campus. My love of teamwork and travel stems from my experience as a collegiate soccer player. While traveling with my soccer team and studying abroad, I've spent time in Taiwan, Argentina, Cuba, Europe, Canada, and Mexico.


I thoroughly enjoy being able to apply my technical and travel experience to inspiring new coders at each CodingNomads bootcamp, making sure our students get the most out of their time both in and out of the classroom.


Mentors and Advisors

Austin Riba
Senior Software Engineer - Las Cumbres Observatory

Austin is the man. He is a semi-pro mountain bike racer, and work-from-anywhere software engineer from Half Moon Bay, CA. Austin has taken his job all over the world on many occasions. He has spent summers in British Colombia and winters in Nicaragua, all while keeping his day job. He is an incredibly talented senior engineer who brings great value to each organization he works with.


Austin has also created several applications and services just for fun. Most recently, being an astronomy enthusiast, he created AstroChallenge. Now, he works as a software engineer for Las Cumbres Observatory (LCO). "LCO is building a global network of astronomical observatories for educational outreach and scientific research." How cool is that? You can learn more about Austin, his projects, and what keeps him pedaling over at Pedal Driven Programming

Learn more about Austin on LinkedIn

Curtis Smith
Founder & President - Free and Easy Traveler

Curtis Smith is a bit of a legend if you ask us. Not only is he a genuinely wonderful human, but he is endlessly traveling the world and he enables thousands of others to do the same. Years ago, Curtis was full of inspiration from his experiences traveling the world. Wanting to continue exploring and sharing the joy of travel with others, he decided to start a travel company. Over the next 15 years his small company, Free and Easy Traveler, grew into a huge success, taking more than 7000 travelers on life-changing adventures across 15+ countries.


Through creating unique, memorable, and ridiculously fun experiences for their groups, Curtis and his team have fostered a global friendship network of nomads and adventurers. Curtis brings invaluable insight to CodingNomads on building an international brand with values rooted in community, adventure, and living life the fullest.

Learn more about Curtis and Free and Easy Traveler

Street Cred

  • "Learning from Ryan, it's easy to see that he's passionate about what he does. Ryan is great at breaking down concepts and teaching them in a way that is tailored to how students will best understand them. Read more."
    Jeff Schobelock
    Software Engineer
  • "With Ryan’s help I was able to go from total beginner to a career in web development. He helped me from the very start and prepared me for the continual learning process that comes with software development... Read more."
    Jesse Garrison
    Home Grown Web Developer
  • Ryan and Kim hosted Hireforce for an amazing company trip to Costa Rica. They organized the whole trip for us including all activities, accommodation, logistics and team bonding events. It perfectly planned which was a huge value add for us being a busy start-up. Everyone at Hireforce had a blast and I can say it was great for building a stronger team and culture. They were also able to ensure that we had wifi so that we could be productive throughout the trip. Another highlight was they organized a day for us to give back to the community by volunteering for a day at a local school. The overall experience was wonderful! I can’t recommend Ryan and Kim enough. They’re fantastic!

    Rachel Riley
    President & Co-Founder