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Taner Ali
CodingNomdas Grad

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"Learn to code with lunch breaks on the beach"

"This was an amazing experience! I learned to code while I was in paradise on a small island in Thailand. While I was researching bootcamps, CodingNomads was one of the first ones I discovered and I kept coming back to it as I was researching others. It was the clear choice due to its curriculum (the fact that it was gonna be in an exotic destination was a bonus, of course), all other bootcamps focused more on front-end web development technologies, where core concepts in software development are never taught. The ones that did focus more on core software development were too expensive, sometimes more than twice as much as this one. Ryan (the instructor) was a great teacher and obviously has had a lot of experience in the field working as a software engineer in San Francisco for a very long time. The one thing I would strongly advise candidates that decide to join this course is to read the first 5-6 chapters of Java: A Beginner's Guide (the official guide by the developer of the Java language, Oracle) before arriving at the destination. It shouldn't take more than a week or two, but will make your learning experience much more effective. Also, Ryan, Kim (the business manager and his wife), and all the others from the course were awesome! We had a great time together!

Daniel Kapitanov
CodingNomdas Grad

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"One of the best decisions I've ever made!"

"Choosing to attend CodingNomads' course in Koh Tao, Thailand was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It wasn't an easy decision to make, but it paid off completely! The teachers - Ryan and Kim are some of the most lovely people you'll ever meet and are always willing to go the extra mile for you and provide you with help and assistance for anything you might need. They make sure you have a great time not only in the classroom but also outside! Overall, the price to value ratio was amazing and the whole group learned an unbelievable amount of skills over the course of the 3 months. I was concerned that the environment might make it harder to study and concentrate, but it was actually the other way around, as the calm, sunny and beautiful atmosphere filled us with energy and helped us to work with motivation throughout the whole day. I definitely recommend!"

Anonymous Student
CodingNomads Grad

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"Fantastic kick-start to my tech career."

"My experience overall with CodingNomads was great and I'm glad I choose to be a part of the program. I've found this to be a great value for the money. It's about 1/3 of the price of most server-side programs in the US and provides an amazing life experience in addition to the course. Our group was small, so we had significantly better access/attention than otherwise. Also, this is more than just a job for Ryan and Kim - we worked and traveled together constantly, and they've been incredibly supportive of us in and out of the classroom. I felt that the program had more of a start-up feel than that of an established bootcamp. This allowed the structure to be flexible and accommodate the pace/needs of the group. We also had the opportunity to talk about newer technologies that weren't part of the curriculum and get to know seasoned developers who were also working in the co-working space. Coding bootcamps are ambitious and a lot of work, and this one is no exception. I think it's best suited for someone who's self-driven, knows what they want to get out of the course, and can speak up when they have questions."

Yovalice Roman
CodingNomads Grad

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"Awesome way to learn to code while traveling"

"Having the opportunity to learn Java, SQL and AWS, traveling to a new place, meeting new people and paying less than in most bootcamps is something you can't miss. The CodingNomads bootcamp is very well organized and teaches what you will need to be a successful junior software engineer.   Ryan, the instructor has a lot of experience in software engineering and really loves to teach so you can be sure that you will learn even when things get really difficult because Ryan will kindly explain things as much as is needed, you will be studying in your free time, you will be doing a lot of homework and most important you will be coding.   It takes a lot of work but you can be sure it will be worthy. I don't have enough words to express my gratitude towards Ryan and Kim. They are successful young people, they have a lot of knowledge and are willing to share that with everyone. If you are looking for an amazing affordable bootcamp to learn to code, you should do this one with CodingNomads."

Anonymous Student
CodingNomads Grad

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"CodingNomads was superior to any other learning experience I have ever had."

"The CodingNomads boot camp is an amazing class that you won't want to miss out on. It is amazing because it is relatively affordable (compared to other boot camps with similar stacks), you get to live and experience another country (also very affordable!), and Ryan is a fantastic teacher, and his wife, Kim, is a great resource and an inspiring business woman. I am so lucky to have spent so much time with them! They are incredibly smart and talented and I can't imagine doing this kind of thing with anyone else. If you have the drive and the will, take this course!"

Trevor Davis
CodingNomads Grad

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"CodingNomads delivered on so much more than I thought possible."

"Here are the reasons to attend:

  • Ryan (the instructor) and Kim (admin and wife) are great people and care about your success.
  • Ryan is a real life software engineer with lots of experience, not an intern, not recently graduated. He knows his stuff, and he’s there with you every day.
  • You learn Java, SQL, and AWS. These are core technologies that are in demand! Don’t take my word for it, Google it. --> most used programming language, most used database language, most used cloud platform.
  • This course is less expensive than most.
  • You get to travel to an awesome location with other people that are doing the exact same thing!
  • Traveling to a new country (or at least away from where you live) gives you all the opportunity to focus on what you’re there to do.

If you’re interested in a coding bootcamp at all, you should really reach out to Ryan and Kim. They’re super genuine people and will definitely help fill in a lot of the details."

Industry Testimonials

Supreet Oberoi
VP of Engineering, IoT and Big Data - Oracle

"I  worked with Ryan over a period of two years in a role that required creating content and delivering that training to customers that ranged from early-stage startups to mature financial institutions. Over this period of time, I got a chance to learn how Ryan distinguishes himself by using his deep technical expertise, excellent written and spoken communication skills, and deep empathy for the student. When developing the curriculum, Ryan always asked himself about all the concepts the student should know by the end of the class, and what is the most engaging way to develop that content. Many people say that they like to put their heart and soul into their work -- sure. But... Ryan sometimes used to spend hours polishing a single page of training content; that is the kind of ethics I have not seen very often! When delivering the content, I discovered a new technique from Ryan, where he partners with the students to learn the content together, instead of developing a very formal student-teacher relationship. He is always cheerful, and his personality makes learning fun, giving courage to the students to tackle even the most daunting technical tasks."

Supreet Oberoi on LinkedIn

Jesse Garrison
Home Grown Web Developer - Roambee

"With Ryan’s help, resources and support I was able to go from total beginner to a career in web development. He helped me from the very start by getting me set up with a development environment and pointing me to tons of learning resources. He prepared me for the continual learning process that comes with software development and has been there through the process. He put his contacts and resources to work and connected me with my first job as a front-end developer. I have been able to take my interest in technology and turn it into a challenging, rewarding and fun career. I have seen first hand the freedom what a career in software development can provide. For two years I lived and worked from Costa Rica, and to this day I am able to work from anywhere with an internet connection. I currently work remotely from my home in Nevada, for a company with headquarters in Silicon Valley and offices around the world. It's pretty sweet."
Jesse Garrison on LinkedIn

Jeff Schobelock
Software Engineer at Capital One

"Learning from Ryan, it's easy to see that he's passionate about what he does. Ryan is great at breaking down concepts and teaching them in a way that is tailored to how students will best understand them."

Jeff Schobelock on LinkedIn

Rachel Riley
Rachel Riley, President & Co-Founder of Hireforce

Ryan and Kim hosted Hireforce for an amazing company trip to Costa Rica. They organized the whole trip for us including all activities, accommodation, logistics and team bonding events. It perfectly planned which was a huge value add for us being a busy start-up. Everyone at Hireforce had a blast and I can say it was great for building a stronger team and culture. They were also able to ensure that we had wifi so that we could be productive throughout the trip. Another highlight was they organized a day for us to give back to the community by volunteering for a day at a local school. The overall experience was wonderful! I can’t recommend Ryan and Kim enough. They’re fantastic!

Rachel Riley on LinkedIn