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Welcome! We’re thrilled that you are interested in becoming a Mentor for CodingNomads. Below is a short description what mentorship means to us at CodingNomads, and what we look for in an ideal mentor. If you’re interested and want to know more, check out our Mentor Docs and submit your interest below.

What Mentorship Means To Us

Individuality: At CodingNomads, mentorship means that we care for our students as the individual person they are, and that we try our best to help students have an enjoyable, productive and meaningful learning process.

Skills: As a great mentor, you know the course material well and you know how to efficiently find solutions which you don’t yet have. One important lesson is to help your students to learn how to figure challenges out by themselves. That means that you will already know the answer, but you don’t tell the solution to your student directly. Instead, when and where possible, you guide them on the path of figuring it out themselves.

Care: In a nutshell, mentorship at CodingNomads is all about caring. When a student knows that they have a mentor who cares about their learning and their progress, it’s a game changer. At CodingNomads, we want our mentors to be game changers.

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    Our goal is to provide access to quality education and quality mentorship to as many people as possible around the globe. To facilitate this, CodingNomads offers a number of scholarships and pro-bono services to qualifying students for whom the normal fees are simply out of reach. We are able to offer these scholarships and pro-bono services with the support of our community.

    Would you be interested in participating in our pro-bono mentorship program?

    Thanks for showing interest in becoming a CodingNomads Mentor. We’re looking forward to talking more.