by Kim Desmond, CodingNomads

What is the cost of hiring a software developer?

According to research compiled by Devskiller, the cost of hiring a software developer can exceed $50,000 when factoring:

  • Recruitment costs (15-30% of the new hire’s annual salary)
  • Internal personnel costs of vetting candidates, interviewing, onboarding and training
  • Productivity loss while the position remains unfilled

Given that intensive software engineering training courses cost a fraction of that, many companies find it a much wiser investment to train from within.

Especially when they have employees like you who are excited to learn to code!

Why it’s a great investment for your employer

You already work there!

Your company already knows you, and likes you, and trusts you. You’ve already undergone the hiring process, and you are familiar with the company product, culture and mission. You’re already a valued employee. Better yet, you are willing to put in the effort to enhance your value with highly coveted engineering skills. With some solid training, your company can skip the entire hiring process, and instead mold you into the engineer they want.

Employee satisfaction (and retention)

Employee retention is one of the most important ways a company stays productive, and profitable. According to the 2015 Recruiter Survey, 30% of employees change jobs in 1-3 years. As discussed above, hiring new employees is a huge expense for companies. It’s much more cost-effective – and better for company culture – to keep the employees you already have happy and engaged.

Helping you achieve your goals by investing in your professional development will build strong employee loyalty for long-term retention. This is a gold mine in today’s competitive talent market.

What our employer-sponsored students say

“The knowledge I gained during the course today helped me to move into a Product Owner role. It allows me to dive one level deeper into roadmap and refinement discussions working with the architects and team.” Arno K., Product Owner at Philips.

“Having never coded before this was a personal challenge for myself to jump into something which I have previously not been comfortable with. Having the groundwork in place has now helped with my job as an accountant [to] come up with new innovative ways in which the business can stay on top of the ever evolving tech environment.” Duncan C., Auditor at KPMG.

“I transferred roles from software test engineer to Java developer. One of the reasons that I was granted the opportunity was that my manager saw the course content and outline and was very impressed with how it aligned closely with the technologies they used. I chose to pursue CodingNomads mostly because either the other available bootcamps were way too expensive and/or were more frontend style technologies mostly for web or app development and not Java/backend rooted.” Trevor T., Software Developer at Universal Robots.

“I used everything you taught me [to build] an online application that allows my colleagues to calculate the nuisance experienced by road users during construction. Currently it’s done with some hideous Excel file, which nobody understands how to use. Mine is very straight forward.” Robert L., Project Manager and Count & Cooper.

The headache-saving app our student built for his company after attending our coding bootcamp

How to get your employer onboard

Do you want advice on how to speak with your employer about investing in your software engineering training?

Schedule a call with us to learn how other students have successfully done so.

And for a detailed breakdown of the cost of hiring a software developer, check out Devskiller’s infographic below!

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