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Learn to Code on a Trip to Bali with CodingNomads, February 2019


Software engineering coding bootcamp helps students transition into tech careers / build their own products while traveling the world


SAN FRANCISCO, CA (NOVEMBER 14, 2018) CodingNomads LLC, a leading international software development training program, will host two simultaneous code courses in Java programming, and Python programming in Ubud Bali, February 2019. The courses teach practical in-demand software engineering skills that prepare graduates for technical job roles, higher salaries, and/or the freedom to develop their own products. This will be CodingNomads’ third year hosting coding bootcamps in Bali, as learning to code abroad helps students fully commit to learning, while also enjoying unique and enriching travel experiences. No coding experience is required to apply, and CodingNomads offers 50% of its students coding bootcamp scholarships, including all women, military, and Indonesian residents.

“Java and Python are today’s most in-demand programming languages. However only 9% of codeschools teach them, and university education lacks practical training, takes years, and leaves many in debt,” said Ryan Desmond, cofounder of CodingNomads. “We’re excited to solve these problems by providing a more efficient, affordable, and fun learning experience relevant to today’s software engineer jobs.”


“I am left in awe of the fact that I am actually now capable of building the complex [financial] trading platform I have set out to do,” said Rasmus Groth, entrepreneur and CodingNomads Python bootcamp graduate. “Not only that, but I have a bunch of new friends that you would normally only get after spending years together.”


“Exotic location and incredible value are two definite pluses for CodingNomads, but my main reason for choosing them was because I wanted a more technical, computer science style of coding bootcamp,” said Heather W., software engineer and CodingNomads Java bootcamp graduate. “[CodingNomads] delivered on all fronts, and I received a job offer as a graduate Java software engineer only two weeks after graduating!”


CodingNomads’ courses include eight weeks in Bali (February – April 2019), plus eight weeks of online remote learning and project building. Students can choose to learn Java/Spring/Android, or learn Python/Django, with skill shares in both programming languages. Both the Java and Python bootcamps teach widely used software engineering topics like data engineering, data science, machine learning, REST APIs, MVC web apps, Databases & SQL, Security and Authentication, Amazon Web Services (AWS), the command line interface (CLI), Git & GitHub and more. The Bali portion will take place at Outpost Coworking, a relaxed and idyllic setting for learning during the week, and traveling on the weekends.


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