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Start for Free SKILLS COURSE • INTERMEDIATE - ADVANCED Use ML algorithms, modeling and analysis to make better decisions with data. Ranked Best Data Science Programs for 2023 by Fortune and Forbes. Learn Data Science + Machine Learning Online best coding bootcamp review badge
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Data-driven decisions. It’s not just a buzzword.

You know that data holds valuable information, but aren’t sure of the best way to extract it. Perhaps you’ve tried to set up a machine learning project, but get errors or don’t understand the output. Learn practical data science and ML techniques, so you can build your own projects, navigate decision-making processes, and tap into the vast career opportunities for data science & machine learning.

In our Data Science + Machine Learning Course, learn to:

Solve problems + make decisions with data

Think like a data scientist to form hypotheses, synthesize information, find patterns in data, test predictions, and create models to inform better decisions.

Get a true understanding of DS/ML capabilities

Understand the “why” and “how” behind widely-used data science / machine learning methods so you can choose the best approach for your projects.

Build real-world projects

Build and run your own end-to-end machine learning algorithms & models that solve decision making problems of interest to you. Learn to process data, train and evaluate models, and tune parameters to improve your model’s performance over time.

Build your intuition

Data Science & machine learning are processes of iterative discovery. While many bootcamps teach a specific way to do things, in our course you’ll learn how to think through a problem, so you can choose the most fitting solution for your particular task.

What you’ll learn – Course Curriculum

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What our students say

best coding bootcamp review badge

By Matthew A.

“I had a lot of fun doing the course. Thank you for the wonderful course – I feel I learnt a lot!”

By Anonymous

“I’ve always been a self-learner but it was definitely helpful to have a mentor to guide you in the right direction when you get really stuck.”

By Simon B.

“Right from the off I felt like I could go to the CodingNomads guys for anything. My tutor…spent as much time as it needed for me to understand a concept.”

By Donda S.

“It has so far been the best learning to code experience online. Especially for me who does not have any technical background… Most importantly, the 1 on 1 coaching sessions have helped me to understand the concept as I completed the labs and created my own small programs. All instructors are great and willing to go the extra mile to overcome my difficulties.”

By Bryce L.

“CodingNomads strengthened my understanding of more than I could ever do on my own… Retaining information is three times more easy when you have a mentor, and if you’re serious about coding or just want to get started, I would highly suggest reaching out.”

By Natalie W.

“I liked the flexible approach of the online learning combined with the structure and support from regular mentor check-ins. I really appreciated being able to message my mentor any time I was stuck on one of the labs or had a quick question in between scheduled calls…”

By Anonymous

“Whenever I became stuck, my mentor was there to help me renew my motivation and/or guide me through the next obstacle in my path… The mentors at CodingNomads really have gone above and beyond anything I’d expected to ensure my success!”

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What’s included in every program:

  • 180 hour Data Science + Machine Learning course curriculum
  • 60 highly focused and digestible explanation videos
  • 120+ written documentation pages
  • 24 quizzes to check your understanding of concepts
  • 12 DSML labs to put your skills to work
  • 1 capstone machine learning project by the time you complete the course
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With endless data science / machine learning possibilities, your mentor helps eliminate the guesswork by providing personalized guidance, feedback, industry best practices, and peace of mind that you’re on the right track.

Learn faster and go deeper with unlimited support

“Figuring it out” is an essential skill for every engineer. But spending hours – or days – stuck on a problem is a quick way to lose motivation. We encourage you to contact your mentor anytime you’re stuck, so you can work through challenging topics together.

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