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freelance programming, freelance programming jobs, freelance developer CAREER SKILLS COURSE • SELF-PACED Become a freelancer and quickly earn well-paid clients by mastering Upwork - the world’s largest remote work platform. Start for Free How to Get Online Jobs: Masterclass best coding bootcamp review badge

You’ve got valuable skills to offer.

Now you just need to find consistent online jobs.

Avoid common freelancing pitfalls

Finding legit online jobs can be overwhelming, produce limited results, and cause aspiring freelancers to give up all together.

That’s because no matter how thoroughly you’ve mastered your craft, securing a steady stream of online jobs requires a whole new skill-set.

There is plenty of work available, so don’t give up on your dream! Learn a simple, linear process for consistently landing legit online jobs.

professional java developer
professional java developer

What are “legit” online jobs?

Online jobs are a dime a dozen. Legit online jobs are well-paid, consistent, and meaningful to your interests and career.

These jobs are available in a variety of fields such as coding, freelance writing, marketing, design, finance, administration, etc.

This course teaches you how to recognize and secure great remote opportunities, so you can become a freelancer and achieve your ideal lifestyle.

Is this Online Jobs Masterclass for you?

This course is for people who have already developed a practical, professional skill that you can perform online.

This course does not teach the professional skills themselves, but how to get online jobs in your area of expertise.

You should be able to demonstrate your skills through at least one fully functional project.

professional java developer
professional java developer

By the end of this course you will:

  • Land your first 1-3 legit online jobs – or more!
  • Have a streamlined process for responding to job notifications, writing proposals, and conducting calls where clients say yes to working with you.
  • Have an exceptionally professional online freelancer profile that will attract clients.
  • Understand best practices for getting real results out of remote work platforms like Upwork.
  • Know how to avoid common mistakes that cause freelancers to write off remote work platforms as “not for them”.
  • Possess the skills to work online from home and get paid, no matter where you live.

What you’ll learn – Course Curriculum

What our students say

By Tyler E.

“Robert is a wizard when it comes to landing jobs. His template and methods got me working online immediately and gave me more than a fighting chance in what is traditionally considered a competitive field…

“The money that you’ll earn and the opportunities that remote work will open for you easily outweigh the cost.”

By Rhami A.

“I hit my first 5 figure revenue month last month. Big thanks to you.”

By Gavin A.

“You’re definitely not going to get there without putting in the time and work, and for me, I wouldn’t have gotten there without guidance from Robert O’Kruk.”

By Di L.

“Thank you so much! I made the changes you suggested and actually landed my first job already.”

It’s easy to get started. Here’s how it works.

1. Complete your portfolio projects

In order to get hired, clients want to see at least 1-2 functional projects that demonstrate your skills.

If you need help reviewing your projects or are unsure if your portfolio is ready, get in touch with us!

2. Start the Online Jobs course for free

Preview our curriculum to ensure it will meet your goals.

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3. Unlock the full course

Subscribe to the Content + Forum to complete on your own schedule, or

Enroll in an Intensive Program to learn faster with 1:1 support.

Option A

Content + Forum: Self-paced

  • Access the full course content with a monthly subscription.
  • Learn at your own pace and on your own schedule, with no time commitments or limits.
  • Ask technical questions on our forum to be answered by our team.

Option B

Intensive Program: Mentored

  • Work with our mentorship team on a monthly basis.
  • Weekly 1:1 mentor screenshare calls to review and optimize your job search strategy, materials and progress.
  • If you follow the course closely, the tuition will pay for itself within 3 months!

Considering an Intensive Program and want to speak with a mentor?

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Online Jobs Masterclass Price

What’s included in every program:

  • 50+ hours Upwork Freelancing Mastery curriculum
  • 7+ hours of expert video content
  • Step by step guide to finding quality freelance clients
  • Tested templates and training for every step
  • Access to our members-only forum for students, mentors and instructors

Monthly access to Online Jobs course content + members-only forum.

  • Ideal for students who prefer to study at your own pace without weekly commitments.
  • Get your technical questions answered on our forum, and become part of our friendly and fun community!

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Complete access to Online Jobs Course and ALL coding courses + forum.

  • Complete access to the Upwork Freelancing Mastery course, 10+ coding courses, with more on the way! Become a freelancing ninja.
  • Get your technical questions answered on our forum, and become part of our friendly and fun community!

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Receive personally tailored support from an expert Upwork freelancing mentor to guarantee fast results.

  • Pro tip: keep your learning costs low by starting with the Content + Forum, and getting as far as you can before joining an intensive program.
  • Includes:

    • Your own dedicated mentor
    • Weekly 1:1 screen share meetings
    • Tailored feedback on your freelancing approach, strategy and results
    • Unlimited access to reach out 24/7 to our global team of mentors

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Get guaranteed results. Earn multiple high-paying clients doing work you love.

  • Receive mentor support until you secure online jobs earning at least $2,000 USD / month.
  • Learn to charge the maximum fair rate based on your experience.
  • Meet weekly on 1:1 screen shares, and reach out anytime in between meetings.
  • Don’t waste time in the Upwork black hole. Get 24/7 support from our global team of mentors via Slack, forum, and additional meetings.
  • Feel fulfilled in your career doing work that excites you, and working from anywhere.

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About the Course Author

Robert O’Kruk is one of the leading educators and coaches for digital nomads and remote workers. He’s been privately trained by Google in Canada, and has been part of the Upwork Pro Sales & Marketing team as well as their Top Rated freelancer program.

He is the founder of the 13,000+ member digital nomads community, the Digital Nomads Forum. Robert also founded the Mindful Nomads Retreat, a mindfulness and remote work lifestyle based educational program.

Robert is focused on bridging the gap between working remotely and mindfulness. His goal is to help educate, inspire and empower remote workers to live purposeful, meaningful and happy lives.

freelance programming, freelance programming jobs, freelance developer

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