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SKILLS COURSE • SELF-PACED OR INTENSIVE FORMATS • BEGINNER - INTERMEDIATE Start Now for Free Learn bulletproof coding skills needed in every industry. Learn Java Online: The most widely-used language on earth.
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Why learn Java with CodingNomads?

The best Java bootcamp, at the best value

Our Java course has improved the lives of students around the world. Given Java’s global demand and popularity, we’re proud to be a premier online coding bootcamp for this amazing language.

Our practical, real-world curriculum was built by engineers who love teaching, and want to make learning to code fun. So when Java gets dry, we throw a joke at it. When you get stuck, our mentors jump in for support.

If you’re looking for a solid technical win, you can’t go wrong with Java. And if you want to learn Java, you won’t go wrong with CodingNomads.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to:

  • Read and write complex Java applications
  • Whiz around the command line interface (CLI)
  • Manage your projects in Git & GitHub with ease
  • Model, build and maintain relational databases
  • Query databases using SQL
  • Think like a developer with confidence
  • Learn other languages/techs much easier like a boss
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Work with mentors who give a damn

At CodingNomads, the most important thing we do is support our students. It’s normal to get stuck while learning to code. So we encourage students to reach out 24/7, and learn efficiently from mentors who care.

Gain confidence and autonomy

Any engineer will tell you: the learning never ends. Our program gives you the resources and confidence to continue sharpening your skills for life.

Make tangible progress in a structured learning environment

Learning to code can be overwhelming – knowing where to start, where to go next, and what you might be missing. Our online coding bootcamp provides comprehensive documentation, videos, quizzes and labs so you can clearly see results.

What you’ll learn – Java online bootcamp

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What our students say

Average Review Rating:

By Donda S.

“It has so far been the best learning to code experience online. Especially for me who does not have any technical background. All lecture sessions were recorded which allows me to replay whenever I feel unsure about a specific topic.

Most importantly, the 1 on 1 coaching sessions have helped me to understand the concept as I completed the labs and created my own small programs. All instructors are great and willing to go the extra mile to overcome my difficulties.”

By Anonymous

“I am enjoying the learning experience on CodingNomads. I finished one class on udemy and was halfway through another when I realized I needed to get more practice in… I found your website through some research. It is far superior to the other classes that I have tried.”

By Bryce L.

“CodingNomads strengthened my understanding of more than I could ever do on my own. My mentor has been very helpful with learning Java and everything you need to know in between. Besides Java, you will learn how to use the command line which employers will expect of you.

Retaining information is three times more easy when you have a mentor, and if you’re serious about coding or just want to get started, I would highly suggest reaching out.”

By Simon K.

“I’m a full time professional who needed an in-depth course to understand and learn Java. I’ve searched lots of online learning courses but I decided to choose CodingNomads and I can’t be happier.

I loved their learning platform which is top of the class and their willingness to revise it based on students feedback. I’ve learned basic concept of Java and how to apply it in real world. I’d recommend this course for not only the working professional but also for all students who are looking to start a new career in software engineering.”

By Natalie W.

“I liked the flexible approach of the online learning combined with the structure and support from regular mentor check-ins. I really appreciated being able to message my mentor any time I was stuck on one of the labs or had a quick question in between scheduled calls…

“I’m already applying everything I’ve learned in implementing software for my office, negotiating with tech vendors, and general problem solving. Understanding how object oriented programming works is invaluable and gives me a huge advantage. Knowing SQL is becoming a requirement across the board in business and I’m glad I have a leg up in that area thanks to CodingNomads.”

By Anonymous

“After dabbling for the past several years with many different free and paid programs for various languages, I finally happened upon CodingNomads’ online course. I’ve always felt a difficulty in moving past just learning syntax into building anything useful. The material strikes a good balance between hand-holding and giving space to problem solve on one’s own, while the online format allows learning at a more relaxed pace around work/life/etc.

Whenever I became stuck, my mentor was there to help me renew my motivation and/or guide me through the next obstacle in my path. I am currently working through building my final project using Java and SQL and it already feels like an app I (and hopefully others!) will use for years to come. The mentors at CodingNomads really have gone above and beyond anything I’d expected to ensure my success!”

Ranked Top 10 Code School in the world for 2021.

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  • Ask technical questions on our members-only forum to be answered by our team.

Intensive Program: Mentored

  • Schedule: 15 hours / week for 12 weeks.
  • Weekly 1:1 mentor screenshare calls to review your code, and ensure you fully understand technical concepts.
  • Unlimited access to reach out to your mentor anytime via chat, forum or additional calls.
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Java Course Pricing

What’s included in every program:

  • 180 hour Java course curriculum, plus all future updates
  • 9+ hours of highly focused and digestible videos
  • 500+ (and counting) pages of documentation and tutorials
  • 300+ (and counting) fully functional code samples and lab exercises
  • 170+ (and counting) custom video tutorials and demos
  • 2 complete Java projects by the time you complete the course
  • Lifetime access to our members-only forum for students, mentors and instructors

Lifetime access to Java course content + members-only forum.

  • Ideal for students who prefer to study at your own pace without weekly commitments.
  • Get your technical questions answered on our forum, and become part of our friendly and fun community!


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    • Your own dedicated mentor
    • Weekly 1:1 screenshare meetings
    • Custom code reviews
    • Unlimited access to reach out 24/7 to our global team of mentors


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Most students finish in 3 months by working 10-25 hrs/week with mentor support.

  • Ideal for students who are serious about learning to code fast, and now.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of complex concepts by working with your own personal mentor.
  • Meet weekly on 1:1 screen shares, and reach out anytime in between meetings.
  • Don’t waste hours on a single tricky problem! Get 24/7 support from our global team of mentors via Slack, forum, and additional meetings.
  • Feel proud to showcase the projects you build by getting custom code reviews, feedback and guidance.


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Speaking of real humans…

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Even if we help you learn that a different codeschool is a better fit, that’s time well spent for both of us. Before investing in any course, get technical advice from a mentor.

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Why we’re all about that Mentorship

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Know if you’re doing it right (or wrong)

Our mentors are industry professionals that will tell you what’s important (or not) in the real world, and give you specific feedback on your work.

Reach out anytime

Beyond your weekly meeting, we encourage you to reach out to get help when you’re stuck, so you can learn quickly and efficiently. Speak to a real human. We are here to help!

Have an accountability buddy

Our mentors are passionate about helping you learn to code online. We’re here to encourage and motivate, but not to stress you out. We can apply pressure when you want it, and be flexible when life gets in the way.

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