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Learn SQL free course header image, learn sql, sql commands, commands in sql, practice sql SKILLS COURSE • SELF-PACED Add in-demand SQL skills to your resume within the week. Start Now How to Use SQL & Databases: Free Course best coding bootcamp review badge

SQL & Databases are everywhere.

Learn to use them like a boss.

Learn in-demand skills

Imagine your favorite news site with no articles. Or Netflix without shows. Or what if your online banking app only showed empty rows?

Without data, most modern software is basically useless. That’s why learning SQL is so useful in various industries and roles – from engineering to data science, marketing, operations, finance and more.

Get structure to learn fast

We’ve got good news for you. If you start today and study hard, you can learn SQL and put these skills on your resume next week.

Get a concise breakdown of the critical SQL & Databases concepts, and practice SQL commands that are used by the pros.

Learn one, know them all

Fortunately, when you learn one common database system, you learn the foundations used by nearly all modern database systems.

In this course you’ll learn SQL commands using MySQL – a widely-used and transferrable system.

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By the end of this course you’ll be able to:

  • Design new relational database systems.
  • Interpret complex existing databases systems.
  • Understand how to comprehensively and intelligently manage large data sets.
  • Effectively use the Structure Query Language (SQL).
  • Insert, Update, Select, Delete, Inner Join, Left Join, Right Join, Self Join, Group By, Order By, Limit, Filter, Export, and so much more.
  • Reliably manage, backup and restore database systems.
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What you’ll learn – SQL & Databases Course

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