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Quant Trading with Python, quant trading, trading with python, Python for Trading, Trade with Python, Python trading algorithm, Quantitative Trading, Quantitative Investing SKILLS COURSE • INTENSIVE BOOTCAMP FORMAT • INTERMEDIATE - ADVANCED Apply Now Apply to join our limited beta group for VIP pricing and mentor support. Quant Trading with Python: Learn to build financial models, Python trading algorithms and stock screeners to improve your investments.
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Buy low, sell high — easy, right?

Today’s leading investors know that relying on mainstream trading strategies limits the insight and control you have over your portfolio. With the ability to efficiently analyze financial data, model investment scenarios, and statistically test trading methodologies, you can rest assured that you’re not gambling with your investments.

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Quant Trading with Python - Beta

$1250or $450 / month
  • 180 hours of learning
  • Six bi-weekly 1:1 mentor video calls
  • Unlimited mentor support via Slack, forum, and extra screen share calls
  • Real world projects, and specific project feedback from experienced quant traders
  • Lifetime access to Quant Trading curriculum + all future curriculum updates
  • Lifetime access to our members-only forum for students, mentors and instructors
  • True, persistent accountability and support to learn quant trading, fast

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