We are committed to providing affordable coding bootcamps, as well as supporting diversity in the software engineering industry. In partnership with Outpost Coworking, we will award two scholarships to qualified residents of Indonesia for our Java-Bali bootcamp and Python-Bali bootcamp. Please complete the application below for our Local Indonesian coding bootcamp scholarship.


Application deadline: January 6, 2019

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Our scholarship covers tuition, class materials, and coworking space fees. Do you have sufficient monetary funds to support the other costs of attending this program including transportation to/from Ubud, apartment rent, food and living expenses?

Eligibility: I certify that I meet the following criteria to be eligible for this scholarship:

I am a citizen AND resident of Indonesia YesNo
I have submitted the CodingNomads general application YesNo
I feel comfortable learning and communicating technical material in English YesNo
I am available to attend full-time in-person classes in Ubud, Bali, and available for part-time online coursework from during the scheduled class dates. YesNo

Please describe your level of proficiency in English speaking and comprehension, including professional / academic experience in speaking English.

Please describe your education, including certificates or diplomas received, areas of study, year completed, and any achievements you’d like to highlight.

Tell us about your work experience, including responsibilities and any achievements you’d like to highlight.

What are your goals for applying the knowledge you will gain in this course? For example, do you aim to seek employment in Indonesia, or internationally? (max 200 words)

How do you feel about working and socializing with people from other countries and diverse backgrounds? Please describe any personal experiences (good or bad) that you’ve had in working/socializing with people from other cultures. (max 200 words)

Why do you feel that you are qualified for this scholarship? (max 200 words)

Why do you want this scholarship? (max 200 words)

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