Curious about Python for machine learning, data science or web dev?

Get the low-down in our Q&A with Yuri –

Machine Learning / Data Systems Engineer, and CodingNomads Python Instructor.

Learn about:

  • What it takes to become a legit Python developer, and break into these rising industries
  • What data science is really about (beyond the buzzwords!)
  • Why Python for machine learning is exploding right now
  • CodingNomads’ Python bootcamp in Bali this October: curriculum, projects, and the best learning experience

Send me the webinar:

Python for machine learning

For more info on our Python bootcamp in Bali, visit our course page:


Java Bootcamp in Bali

Take a break from your routine to fully focus on coding, while having the travel experience of a lifetime. Learn valuable Java engineering skills applicable to every industry worldwide. Build a portfolio of fullstack projects with Spring, MySQL, AWS, APIs, JavaScript, etc. Get productive with fun, hardworking classmates in paradise!

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