Join our free, live Python training series!

Learn beginner, intermediate and advanced Python skills by building fun, practical projects!

January 26 – 28

9-10 AM US PST (12-1 PM EST / 5-6 PM GMT)

What you’ll learn in this  3-part training series:

  • January 26: Python Basics: How to move and rename files with Python. This will demonstrate how you can automate tasks using Python, while also showing important programming concepts such as variables, data types, control flow, libraries, objects, and methods.
  • January 27: Python APIs: Learn how to use Python to interact with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Use Python to automate API calls to free web APIs, receive the content they offer, and build your own simple webpage using that content.
  • January 28: Python OOP: Use Object-Oriented Programming to model your own computer game. You’ll build a tiny implementation of a Pokemon-like game that allows you to create little creatures, feed them to gain health, and let them battle against each other!

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