Want to build more projects for your portfolio?

Learn how to make an app like Instagram in our tutorial.

Led by Austin Riba – CodingNomads Python Instructor and fullstack engineer extraordinaire.

Learn step-by-step how to:

  • Code your own photo-sharing web app like Instagram – using Python, Django, JavaScript, HTML & CSS.
  • Use the command line interface (CLI) to bootstrap a new project and get running immediately.
  • Use powerful developer tools that you already have in your favorite web browser.
  • Push your application to Github, and add an impressive project to your portfolio.

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Learn Python in Bali

Learn to build fullstack, scalable web applications, scripts and algorithms using Python, Django, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, REST API’s, SQL, AWS, etc. Give yourself a strong computer science and engineering foundation to pursue a career in development, data science, product/project management and more. And do all this in Bali paradise - the best way to learn coding.

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