Want to start building your own software applications in Java / Python?

Join our tutorial with Ryan – CodingNomads Instructor and Java/Python guru.

Learn step-by-step how to:

  • Configure your computer to write Java/Python applications, including installing free software that is used by the pros.
  • Write, compile and run your programs from the command line interface (CLI), and using IntelliJ IDEA (Java) and PyCharm IDE (Python) – the leading integrated development environments for these languages.
  • Create a Git repository on your local computer.
  • Push your application to Github so you can show it off to all your friends (and future employers!).

Here is the Github repo with the supporting resources.

To go even deeper with learning to code, visit our course pages:


Java Programming

Learn Java - the most widely used and respected programming language on earth. Build complex Java applications from scratch. Design, deploy and maintain modern databases using SQL. Learn to use OOP, data structures & algorithms and more. Our Java bootcamp is superior to the rest, and we are not afraid to say it.


Python Programming

Learn to write complex software applications, algorithms and scripts in the fastest-growing and easiest-to-learn programming language. Learn to manage & manipulate data using SQL and APIs. This course is a prerequisite to our advanced courses in Quant Trading, data science + machine learning, and web development.

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