Free Training: How to build an Android App from scratch


Android is used in 88% of mobile devices worldwide,

and everyone needs an app.

For entrepreneurs, aspiring mobile developers, or anyone who wants to become a digital nomad, learning how to build mobile apps is extremely useful – if not critical.

The awesome part is, once you know a bit of Java, it’s easy to start building Android apps!

Whether you already know some Java or you’re considering getting started, come learn exactly what it takes to build your own Android mobile apps.

Android Fundamentals Speed Training
Learn to build your own Tic-Tac-Toe game!

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In this training we’ll walk you through building an Android app from scratch, explaining:

  • Android Tools – Android Studio, IntelliJ, Java, Kotlin
  • How to create a project, and compile and run on an emulator
  • Project structure tips using Manifest.xml, Java folders, Gradle scripts, and more