Intrigued by learning to code, but not sure where to start?

Come get a proper understanding of the programming landscape, and what path might be best for you.

Get answers to your questions like:

  • Which programming language to learn? Which language is used for what, and which is the best for me?
  • What does it mean to be a programmer, and what does it take to get from zero to coder?
  • How do I get started – literally. What software/tools do I need, where do I even write the code, and how the heck does it all work?

Learn how to write your first lines of code:

  • Learn to build a Hello World app, the first application that every new programmer writes.
  • See how to create a simple game in both Java and Python – our fave languages 💕☕🐍. We love nerdy programming games!

Free training: Coding for Complete Beginners

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